The 1-Month Update

Today marks the 1-month anniversary of my start with BrandYourself (calling for celebratory lunch at Souvlaki Boys). Future blogs will cover what I was doing previously and how I got here, but for now, it’s worth sharing a few insights from the past 30 days.


In leaving a company, position, and team that I loved, my fear was that I would never find something as good. I was afraid that for the last 7 years of my life, my first career had set the bar so high that every future opportunity would leave gaps in purpose, enjoyment, or another area. Maybe that false notion was an excuse for embracing change, which hasn’t always been welcomed by me.

Regardless of why I had those thoughts and fears, it only took about 72 hours into my new job before I realized that this new career, although a different industry and co-workers, still gives me an excitement and purpose. I’m excited to be working with a group of people that are passionate about serving clients and helping take the company to the next level. The hour-long commute gives me time to plan and process my day, and I can honestly say I’m excited to go to work.

New Company, Similar Challenges.

After getting over the hurdle of learning new back-end reporting, tech platforms, and a new set of KPIs, many of the same challenges and issues I had experienced previously have shown up. In my previous career, working with and getting to see behind the curtain of two dozen franchise businesses revealed two common challenges: people and processes. Building a business from the ground up is reliant both on the talent and the systems and processes those people implement.


The success of a company hinges on having quality people (and in Simon Sinek’s words, “their ability to come together as a team”). It’s been encouraging to see the quality people that BrandYourself has attracted and empowered to run the company. I quickly felt welcomed when I started and it’s an exciting period of growth and bringing on more staff.


In any company that is growing over 50% year-over-year, it is not uncommon for some aspects of the business to not grow and develop at the same rate. Many processes that worked at one point, don’t scale and need to be redeveloped. Company growth also creates new challenges in general, in which new processes need to be formed. In my previous company and in my new position, I recognize the importance of documented processes as a key part in helping companies scale with quality.

Again, it’s only been 30 days and I have only scratched the surface in things that I need to learn and become proficient in. That said, I couldn’t be more excited for the next few months and the opportunities for professional growth, both for me, and our entire team.

Steve Fowler is a Sr. Concierge Manager at BrandYourself, an online reputation management company headquartered in Lancaster, PA.

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